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The Gypsum Mountain scenic area of Taiyueshan National Forest Park is located 35 kilometers southeast of Lingshi County, 180 kilometers from Taiyuan, the provincial capital. It stands in a perfect balance with the Mianshan mountain of Jiexiu and the Lingkong mountain of Qinyuan County, it is a national 4A grade scenic spot, a national forest park, a provincial....

Gypsum Mountain is rich in cultural heritage, of which Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism are almost all over the scenic spot. One of the main scenic spots is the Tianzhu Temple, where the cliff walls hang upside down to form a natural fan-shaped cave. The upper cave is divided into the upper cave and the lower cave, and the upper cave is the Baiyi temple, which is said to be the seat of the White Bodhisattva. The quietly closed rock walls are all made up of stalactites that coagulate grease, the tallow of stone, the sap of God. According to Legend, the Moon Palace Chang'e had missed the beautiful scenery of the Gypsum Mountain. He had many talks with the white-clad Bodhisattva on the Gypsum Mountain. Fearing.....

The Gypsum Mountain List of National Parks of China is located 42.5 kilometers southeast of Lingshi County in the Jinzhong area of Shanxi Province, covering a total area of about 75 square kilometers. The junction of Jinzhong, Jinnan and Shangdang provinces. It borders Qinyuan County in Changzhi on the East........

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  • The third phase of the 11th Gypsum Mountain Theme Gypsum Hill 11th theme Music Tent Festival Phase III July 25(Saturday night) with you together! While the youth is still, brothers and sisters still go out to play a crazy let youth revel up so that this trip is no longer lonely to a youth not to end the graduation trip memorial never go back to the youth years2020-10-29 13:06
  • Notice on the business hours of Gypsum Mountain drNotice on the business hours of Gypsum Mountain drifting2020-10-29 13:03
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Wolong villa characteristic


Wolong villa II

Gypsum mountain Express Hotel

Gypsum Mountain scenic spot is famous for its dragon culture. From the mountain's trend, it looks like Dragon's head Standing Upright, Dragon's body Standing Upright, Dragon's tail dancing, Dragon's tail swaying and Scaly Wind. From the dripping water source, it looks like Dragon's breath, Dragon's breath, Dragon's crouching, Dragon's flying, Dragon's static, Dragon's moving. From the name of each tourist area in the scenic spot, it has a lot to do with the Dragon. Dragon Wall, Dragon Column, Longyin Valley, Wolong Villa, Tenglong pavilion, Qinglong Waterfall, Huanglong Waterfall, Longbao, dragon scale wall, Longmu cave, Longwang Cave, Erlongshan Mountain, Longquan Hu, Ya Bailong and so on. From .....

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