The all-inclusive Longyin College

2020-10-29 12:00:22

Longyin college is located in Wolonggou, the core scenic spot of Shigao Mountain, with a total construction area of 5000m and five courtyards. It is a place for Literati to exchange ideas, learn calligraphy and demonstrate their skills, shinning the unique cultural charm and cultural accumulation of Shanxi humanity. The longyin college is equipped with a calligrapher's studio, an exhibition room, a tea room, a four arts of the Chinese scholar and accommodation. Among them: No. 1 courtyard (second floor) : 6 Expert Living Rooms (36m) ; 7 expert offices (about 36m) ; 1 Library Collection Room (36m) . Courtyard 2(second floor) : 4 Activity Rooms (about 50m) ; 15 guest rooms (about 35m) ; 4 Suites (48m) . Courtyard 3(3rd floor) : 20 rooms; 1 solar hot water room. Courtyard No. 4(second floor) : 6 Piano Rooms (35m) ; 8 Chess Rooms (30m) ; 1 Tea Room (100m) . Courtyard No. 5(240m) : Exhibition Hall, Drawing Room and exhibition room. In addition to the above, the kitchen and dining room (about 300m) , the laundry room (57m) , the storeroom (155m) , the duty room, the storehouse, the courtyard, the rest area altogether 218m.