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Gypsum Mountain travel network is the List of National Parks of China Portal, sponsored by the Fifth Technical Department of Tongyu Group Network, is Gypsum Mountain on the Internet to release information and provide tourism services platform. The goal of this site is to strive to be a window to display Fengcai Gypsum mountain, contact friends from all walks of life ties, bridge between our hearts, release a variety of information platform, provide channels for subscribing to relevant information. At present, the main commitment to the following functions: 1 to expand external publicity, display the image of Gypsum Mountain. 2 Service Gypsum Mountain Tourism, closely follow Gypsum Mountain Tourism Service, enhance Gypsum Mountain brand awareness, promote the development of e-commerce service platform. 3. Provide user friendly services, receive advice, advice and Complaints Online. 4 Become Gypsum Mountain Encyclopedia, collect and organize gypsum mountain history, culture, allusions, geography, science and technology, nature and other information, rich website content.

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