Qiliyu scenic spot

2020-10-30 10:01:43

The qiliyu scenic spot is located in the northern hinterland of Mount Tianzhu, east of Qinyuan County Lingkong Mountain, north of Lingshi County Gypsum Mountain and Jiexiu Mian Mountain, 16 kilometers away from the city, the park is an important part of the Taiyue Mountain National Forest Park (approved by the Ministry of Forestry in 1992 to establish a national forest park with an area of about 900,000 mu and the name of the park written by the old proletarian internationalism Bo Yibo) , the total area of tourism is 150,000 mu. There are Wulong Gully, dishuiya waterfall, Shuangrufeng, Nantianmen, Shirengou, Shiya Qisong, north China Natural Larch reserve, Baxian cave and other attractions.

Train Route: Huozhou Railway Station → Lingshi Railway Station → No. 7 bus → Lingshi Bus Station → Shigaoshan Bus Route: Huozhou Railway Station → Lingshi Railway Station → Take No. 5 bus → Shuitou Bridge → Shigaoshan self-driving Tour Route: Huozhou → Jingkun Expressway (Taiyuan Direction)→ Renyi expressway turn left and go straight for 8 km