Pingyao Ancient City

2020-10-30 09:39:37

Pingyao ancient city is located in Pingyao County, central Shanxi Province. It was founded in Xuanwang period of Western Zhou Dynasty (827-782 BC) . Pingyao, Shanxi Province is known as one of the "four most well-preserved ancient cities" . It is also one of the only two ancient cities in China to successfully apply for World Cultural Heritage. Pingyao ancient city is an outstanding example of Chinese Han nationality cities in the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the development of Chinese history, it shows a complete picture of the unusual development of Han Culture, society, economy and religion. Pingyao, formerly known as Guttau, the early Ming Dynasty, in order to defend against foreign southern disturbance, began to build the city wall, Hongwu three years (AD 1370) in the old wall on the basis of reconstruction, and full coverage of brick. Since then, Jingtai, Zhengde, Jiajing, Longqing and Wanli have carried out ten times the repair and repair, renovation of the city tower, the addition of enemy Taiwan. In the forty-three th year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (AD 1703) , as the emperor toured through Pingyao on his way west, he built a city of towers on all sides, adding to the grandeur of the city. With a total circumference of 6,163 meters and a height of about 12 meters, the Pingyao City, with an area of about 2.25 square kilometers, is separated into two very different worlds. Within the city walls streets, shops, city buildings to retain the Ming and Qing Forms, outside the city wall known as the new city. This is an ancient and modern architecture into one, with mutual reflection, make people daydream about the good place. In 2009, Pingyao was named the most complete ancient county seat in China by the World Records Association. On July 13,2015, Pingyao ancient city became a national 5A class tourist attraction.