Natural Forest Gypsum Mountain Dragon Valley

2020-10-29 11:55:34

Longyin valley is a section of Taihang Mountains Grand Canyon, into the east-west trend, Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, Lingshi County Gypsum Mountain is one of the 10 scenic spots. This scenic spot can provide information about the local crustal and magmatic activities of 2.5 billion years ago, as well as fragments of the geological history of the Lower Paleozoic between 570 and 400 million years. Long Yin Valley, here was suddenly like knives and axes, forming a strange rock cliff, a big valley is located here, this mountain harbor about 2.5 kilometers, the Canyon width is different, the narrowest place is no more than a few meters, spacious strange flowers and grasses, a magnificent scene, here visitors can enjoy the original state of the Living Environment of the Dragon, you can walk the Dragon Road, climb the Dragon Rock, enter the Dragon Cave, drink the dragon spring, go to the Dragon Nest, touch the Dragon Beard, ride the dragon back, stroke the Dragon Scale, put the Dragon Tail, thus raise the Dragon Heart, create the dragon industry. The local people also called Longwo, Wolonggou, because his valley like a sinuous Wolong, ditch the four seasons flow a stream, voice like Wolong in low, so called Dragon Valley. From the long-term large-scale activities in the Rift Valley to understand some of the characteristics of the Shanxi Earthquake, visitors in the cave visit, taste the spring water in access to the scientific knowledge of groundwater activities. Longyin Valley Plain Mountain Junction, Mountain view clouds and fog, listen to Shōtō, down the mountain can see running water, listen to the birds. There are also open grasslands to provide camping, famous trees can be provided to take photos of the ancient temples, there will be a villa for visitors to cultivate their spirit and self-cultivation. Therefore, the comprehensive evaluation of this set of Rift Valley active site remains is rare in China, the only one in north China, is a national geological remains.