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Religious culture

Gypsum mountain has rich cultural heritage, among which Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism are almost all over the scenic area. Tianzhu temple, one of the main scenic spots, has a natural fan-shaped secluded cave formed by overhanging cliffs. The cave on the cave is divided into upper rock and lower rock, and the white clothes temple on the upper rock. It is said that it is the place where the Bodhisattva in white sits. The closed rock wall is all composed of stalactites that coagulate and flow cream, the cream of stone and the juice of God. It is said that Chang'e of the Moon Palace once cherished the beautiful scenery of gypsum mountain and played games with Bodhisattvas in white many times in the gypsum mountain. For fear of delaying the time of the heavenly palace, she ordered two jade to avoid carrying a bell here. A woodcutter was surprised to fall. Now the big iron bell, which is locked upside down under the huge rock of Zhongquan temple, is the strong footnotes of this story. Tianzhu temple, Tiefo temple, Baoan Temple, Daxiong hall, eighteen Arhats, and dizang hall in Xiayan, Zhongyan are holy places for people to worship gods. The princess worshipped in the princess Temple of gypsum mountain is regarded as a God by the local people. It is said that she has applied medicine to the villagers for many times to save the incurable diseases. The Qianlong temple in gypsum mountain is a great resort for Taoist practice. At the same time, Qianlong temple is also the residence directly under Shanxi Taoist Association. The inscription on the gate of gypsum mountain was written by Ren Farong, President of the Taoist Association. The Longyin Academy in gypsum mountain is the place where famous Confucianists of all ages gathered to create and recite. Wang Wei, Li Shangyin and Fu Shan all stopped here, played and stayed. Fu Shan's poem of Yi bee and calligraphy plaque "wild interest of mountain forest" were created in gypsum mountain.

Science Park

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