• The all-inclusive Longyin College

    Longyin college is located in Wolonggou, the core scenic spot of Shigao Mountain, with a total construction area of 5000m and five courtyards. It is a place for Literati to exchange ideas, learn calligraphy and demonstrate their skills, shinning the unique cultural charm and cultural accumulation of Shanxi humanity. The longyin college is equipped with a calligrapher's studio, an exhibition room, a tea room, a four arts of the Chinese scholar and accommodation. Among them: No. 1 courtyard (secon
  • Natural Forest Gypsum Mountain Dragon Valley

    Longyin valley is a section of Taihang Mountains Grand Canyon, into the east-west trend, Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, Lingshi County Gypsum Mountain is one of the 10 scenic spots. This scenic spot can provide information about the local crustal and magmatic activities of 2.5 billion years ago, as well as fragments of the geological history of the Lower Paleozoic between 570 and 400 million years. Long Yin Valley, here was suddenly like knives and axes, forming a strange rock cliff, a big valley is
  • The history of Lung Yin College

    The past and present of Lung Yin College